Buyers and Suppliers

  • When manufacturing is moved next to design engineers are working closely with manufacturers, they can improve the design, eliminate waste, improve quality, increase productivity and make the product more easily and efficiently.
  • Lean manufacturing practices, automation and innovation are critical elements in rapid customization, reducing costs, shorter lead times and more rapid product cycles.
  • Embracing new technology and methods can build competitiveness, expand capabilities, increase efficiency add to your bottom line.

Considering these concepts may lead to opportunities than can be crucial to your growth, success and sustainability of your business. Lean processes and automation are tools that can boost productivity, and when productivity is increased, it reduces the total cost vs offshore and drives competitiveness. Streamlined supplier discovery, communication and collaboration and reevaluation of product design will help create a focused strategy for growing manufacturing and facilitating successful sourcing to rebuild a sustainable product/supplier network. This is where we step in and help you to get through processes easily.

We Provide

  • Samples collection preparation, as per customer's requirements.
  • Providing right suppliers suitable for the price and product range.
  • Getting price offers and negotiation for targets.
  • Approvals in terms of customer's requirement's.
  • Follow up and final inspection.
  • Handling transportation and logistics.
  • Controlling shipment documents and delivery status.