Our Approach

BADR MARKETING has enjoyed well reputed long years being in the market with our loyal clients and sellers across the world and MENA region.

We have consistently focused providing our customers best services with efficiency, facilitation of trade, ease of understanding imports and much more.

With a wide range of products putting into various categories like garments/textiles, luggage and accessories, hardware and machinery and building materials. Service efficiency assured with our team of dynamic and experienced employees, with whom we are geared up to cater to a variety of operations and for whom customer full satisfaction is placed at core.

Bridging the Gap

Creating high performance, collaborative alliances between buyers and suppliers will ensure rebuilding a strong sustainable business chain. Many small and medium companies do not possess the know-how to locate suppliers needed to move beyond the requirement and supply stage. They simply may not have enough resources to fully leverage the supply chain or requirement. In turn, we aid to source potential suppliers to gain the perfect match of any buyer's need.